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Due to an on-going demand for tips, tricks and tuition, Nottingham Body Cast now offers a range of life casting tutorial workshops. Whether you are a complete beginner or an already established practising life caster looking to take the next step with larger and more creative materials, we cater for all. On the premise that our programmes are purposely designed to best suit your individual needs, our one to one workshops put you in control of the agenda. We give you the knowledge and practical skills needed, to enable you to leave our studio feeling confident to build upon the specific subject matter covered throughout each day.

Ryan holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and has taught in Higher Education full time for almost a decade. Having worked as the Technical Specialist for mould-making and casting at Nottingham Trent University and now working as Lecturer of Special effects for Film and TV at University of Bolton, he is confident he can teach YOU a thing or two! No matter your current experience, our besp
oke training options mean you get the most out of all workshop options!

Enquire NOW for more information and pricing!

Nottingham Body Cast - life castig & body castin training workshop
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