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"My partner and I visited Ryan to have 3d images taken for a statue of my pregnant body. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. He explained everything so thoroughly and made the process so smooth and enjoyable. We saw a lot of Ryan’s work displayed in his studio and it was so incredibly detailed and lifelike. I cannot recommend him enough and I am super excited to see the final statue on collection. Thank you so much Ryan!"
- Ashlea Castleton

"Had a wonderful experience with Ryan today during my Face casting session. The whole experience was super relaxing and enjoyable! Ryan has a vast amount of knowledge within SFX and body casting, so it was really interesting to talk to him about all of that. Can't wait to receive the cast of my face, would highly recommend!"
- Nova Jarratt

"I got in contact with Ryan as I wanted to have a cast made before I have a preventative Mastectomy. Ryan was nothing but helpful and was even able to squeeze me in quickly whilst I was staying in the area over Christmas. In the lead up to the day of the casting Ryan answered all of my questions and provided me with lots of information. I was a bit nervous about the process itself but Ryan made me feel very comfortable and I really enjoyed getting it done. Thank you so much Ryan!"
- Eleanor Collins

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"Honestly it was a pleasure and a really fun experience. Think my mum really enjoyed it too! I’m excited to see the finished product and even more excited to give it to my partner. Thanks again for having me and being so professional. Felt very at ease"
- Sarah Knight

"I recently visited Ryan at NBC for a face cast. Ryan was very professional and friendly throughout, he gave me all the information I needed before my visit, and answered any questions I had. During the cast, Ryan made the process very comfortable, and fun. I was constantly kept up to date with what he was doing, and what to expect next. Highly recommended for any body casting!"
- Wyntir Rose

"We have traveled from Halifax, West Yorkshire to collect my body cast from Ryan. To say I’m really pleased with the cast is an understatement. Ryan was very professional throughout and made both me and my husband feel at ease from the start. Ryan kept us updated at each point and ensured we were 100% entirely happy with the sculpture before we left. I would highly recommend Nottingham Body Cast to anyone considering having a cast done."
- Lee Tyson

"My wonderful friends arranged some body casting with Ryan as part of my hen do and it was brilliant!! Such a cool and different idea for a hen and we each got a little souvenir of our own hand cast - as the hen my hand cast involved something extra! Ryan was really friendly and professional and his work is great. Thanks so much!"
- Jessica Haselhurst

"Recently trained with NBC and wow. Ryan’s knowledge is unmatched and it is so inspiring. I am a baby caster and have wanted branch out into body casting for ages and so glad I found out about NBC. Ryan has shared his wisdom on the best materials, techniques and poses for body casting and I can’t wait to see what the future holds."
- Kerri Fegan

"Yesterday I picked up the finished hand casting that Ryan did for me and my partner. We are blown away by it. He even managed to attach the casting of my partners engagement ring in to the tiny gap where her finger is showing. The full body casting work is outstanding too. Photos never do artwork justice, seeing his work in person is mesmerizing. As well as great work, Ryan is a lovely guy, really welcoming and catering (he does a good cup of coffee too!) Thank you for this experience."
- Mark Green

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"I attended a 2 day training course with Ryan at Nottingham Body Cast this week and all I can say is if you’re considering booking in for a cast or to train with Ryan, stop thinking about it and do it!!"
- Ashlie Malcolm

I went to Nottingham Body Cast for a hen do. Ryan was fab and we had a great time. We each made a cast of our hand which is a great keepsake from the day. This was such a unique and fun thing to do for a hen do, I would really recommend."

- Rebecca Wallace

"After a cancer diagnosis and being told that I will need a mastectomy I wanted to get a cast of my ‘before’ body. I am so glad I contacted Ryan. From my first online enquiry with him he has been understanding and provided all the information I needed. Today I had the cast made and finally met Ryan in person - he could not have done more to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. Although I’d never done anything like this before, he made it so easy, explained everything and I didn’t feel embarrassed or awkward at anytime. I would highly recommend Ryan and Nottingham Body Cast. Thank you I can’t wait to see the finished result!!"
- Phillipa P

"From the second I started speaking to Ryan he put me at ease. He is professional, helpful and answered all my questions. The whole process was easy and uncomplicated, I felt completely relaxed the whole time....if a little cold 🤣. I will definitely be recommending him to any of my friends who are looking to do something similar. I love my cast and the fact I could pick any colours I wanted made the whole experience fun."
- Bella Watts

"Ryan made the process of having a body cast so calm and chilled. Everyone would seem nervous but he talks you through every step before and as you are having it done. He is very professional and the whole experience was great. Thank you Ryan"
- Cara Bird

"On the day Ryan (and his wife) was welcoming and put us at ease. He explained the process and let us both experience the casting materials by putting it on our hands (also to check for any allergies). He was very respectful, bearing in mind body parts are on display, and not once did we feel uncomfortable. Ryan thanks for a great experience. If you are thinking of getting a casting, stop thinking and do it!"
- Barrie Childs

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"Ryan is both a consummate professional, and a creative genius in his field of body casting. 10/10 and highly recommended. I had my body cast in rope, which was tied by the amazing Christian Red, an internationally acclaimed rigger/rope artist. Once the rope was on my body, we then began the process. Ryan was very patient whilst we perfected the rope and the final pose."
- Vivienne Lamour

"My experience with Nottingham Body Cast was one of which was filled with delight, rigour and attention to detail with professional yet a comfortable feel from the team. I would recommend this to anyone, who is seeking to put their (or another) body into cast form. I would certainly recommend. My body cast piece is now the centre of my home and is regularly commented on by guests about the attention to detail."
- Rob Sherwood

"I recently had a torso and lower face cast and I loved the experience! I felt incredibly comfortable and was met with nothing but professionalism. Time absolutely flew by considering I wasn’t able to talk during the process! Communication before and after the session has been amazing too. I can’t wait to see the finished piece!"
- Kerry Dickens

"I travelled 5 hours each way to train with Ryan as it was clear from his work, reviews, and from speaking with him beforehand that he is a true expert in his field. I wanted to scale up my hand and foot casting business to offer larger scale body castings and felt Nottingham Body Cast was the place that could help me! Ryan delivers fantastic training at a good pace, he is happy to answer any questions and has such in depth knowledge, not only that but you can sense his passion for what he does. I would definitely recommend NBC to anyone considering this kind of business or hobby."
- Amy Wakeford

"Professional, reassuring, down to earth and a good laugh too! Ryan and the team put me well at ease throughout the whole process and I’d firmly recommend anyone considering giving this a go, to do so here."
- Thomas Richardson

"I had the most incredible experience yesterday with Ryan and his amazing assistant, they made me feel so comfortable and thoroughly explained every part of the process" - Charlie Brownhill

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"I would definitely recommend Nottingham Body Cast if you are looking to get a cast done. I am very impressed with the quality of mine, you can see so many details including my tattoo!"
- Charlotte Maria

"Yesterday I joined Ryan for a body casting work shop! He is such an amazing trainer and I’m feeling so lucky that I had this opportunity as I know he is busy on other projects! I can not recommend him enough... he is so knowledgeable and supportive and has definitely gave me the confidence to practice with new materials Thanks again Ryan I’m feeling very privileged for this opportunity and I’m pretty sure I will see you in the future"
- Angela Donohue

"Had a great experience at Nottingham Body Cast... Discussed ideas with Ryan during the lead up to the casting... the session itself was chilled and relaxed and overall a great experience and I really enjoyed learning more about the process! Looking forward to next time!" 
- Chloe Crabtree

"I traveled from Glasgow to attend a two-day workshop conducted by Ryan. It's incredible how he taught me so much in such a short period of time! I am new to this and was a bit nervous at the start, but Ryan has structured the course in a way that is quite easy to understand. He is an excellent teacher and you can tell he loves doing what he does. Although professional, Ryan is extremely friendly and this adds to making the whole learning experience a fun one!"
- Chrystal D'Mello

"Absolutely amazing! We had our twin boys feet cast and framed and they look outstanding and extremely smart! Something we can cherish forever! Would HIGHLY recommend :) Thank you again Nottingham Body Cast."
- Amanda Hutchinson

"I accompanied my partner whilst she was having her cast taken, the whole process was informative, relaxing and enjoyable! Brilliant result on the final product. Ryan was very reassuring and accommodating throughout, talked us through the whole process and why each step is there, chatted our ears off and made us feel very welcome."
- Anthony Dobson

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